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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening takes place to ensure the prospective applicant to the workforce is able to cope with the rigours and demands of that workplace.


Often, an unsuitable candidate is admitted to a manual workforce, without having proper education, training and/or the physical capacity to complete daily work tasks. This results in a musculoskeletal injury to that worker, followed by a Workcover claim and a subsequent Return to Work Program. This all adds financial stress and places administrative burdens on the employer. This can be prevented by conducting proper Pre-Employment Screenings.


Screenings are an objective functional assessment of the prospective worker’s ability to complete essential demands of a job at a workplace. Tailoring these assessments to a workplace ensures that the person applying for the job knows exactly what movements and actions are required.


Benefits for the Employer include:

  • Peace of mind that the prospective employee is physically capable for the job role
  • Ensures functional capability for work tasks
  • Provides a record of pre-employment capacity, protecting against false claims injury
  • Identifies possible risk factors for prospective employees
  • Provides a record of pre-employment capacity and helps identify when workers may return to pre-injury duties

Pre-Employment Screenings include a detailed current and relevant past history of the worker. It also consists of a detailed objective history outlining flexibility, strength and manual handling abilities of the prospective employee.